Comansa cranes incorporate all the advantages of the original design, plus the results of modern engineering and manufacturing technology. Constant research and development provide safe, profitable and durable cranes with the following product advantages:

  • Simple, fast erection due to elimination of pendant lines or cables with no cat-heads;
  • Extended life time of the jib steel structure through use of the flat top crane design, which reduces fatigue because members are only stressed only in one direction;
  • Minimum overlap between cranes on crowded job sites, due to the absence of a cat-head or pendant lines
  • Flexibility and ease of exchange of both structural and electrical components by the Linden-Comansa modular design jib section system;
  • Ease of erection of Linden-Comansa pin-jointed mast sections, transportation savings since parts can be broken down and folded, and maintenance free operations


COMANSA's customers work under pressure and to very tight schedules. COMANSA is very familiar with the demands of construction projects, which is why its team is on constant hand to help its customers in any way it can.

COMANSA serves its customers and manages all technical, pre-sales and post-sales queries from its offices in Spain, the United States and China. Moreover, COMANSA has an extensive network of distributors with extensive expertise and service-based knowledge, allowing COMANSA to provide very fast solutions to customers anywhere in the world.

COMANSA’s R&D team is also on hand to design solutions adapted to specific projects for our customers. Additionally, many customers request the support of COMANSA’s engineering team to receive technical training, information about special configurations, reports on a crane’s location, reactions and interferences of a crane at a site, etc.