Construction Equipment


COMANSA Flat-top Cranes

Comansa Flat-top tower cranes are widely used in the construction of real estate projects, super high rise buildings, bridges, exhibition hall, sports stadium, steel plant blast furnaces, cement plant, hydro power stations, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, seaports and etc.


Foundation Machines by TESCAR

TESCAR grew up on the Italian market of drilling and foundation, getting little by little the trustfulness of the more and more customers who permitted to TESCAR to place itself through the main manufacturer of Piling and micropiling machines.


Mobile Cranes by TEREX

In this day of high overhead, low margins and endless competition, you couldn’t ask for a harder-working, more reliable, efficient machine on your jobsites than a Terex crane. From our rugged rough terrain and truck cranes, our versatile tower cranes to our go-anywhere boom trucks and pick & carry models, a Terex crane is built to be your tough and ready workhorse. Terex cranes show up day after day almost anywhere to get the job done.




Placing Boom by ELEPHANT

Boommate is the exclusive dealer for ELEPHANT Placing booms

As professional supplier of concrete pumping and placing equipment, we provide our customers with the best engineering solution for concrete pumping. Design and optimize the correct model of equipment according to different project.


Construction Elevator by SKYDECK

Providing the customers with the best engineering solution for lifting. We design and optimize the correct model of equipment according to different projects.


Suspension Platform

It is used for exterior construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high rise building, a substitute of traditional scaffold, an ideal machine the welding of sea going ship in shipbuilding industry, cleaning of oil-based paint, installation of elevators, big size tanks and high chimneys, and inspection, cleaning and repairing of bridge.


Special Attachments by SNS

Under Construction

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Generator Sets

We are also a supplier of medium to large size Generator sets from the best manufacturers of engineering engines in the world, Deutz and MTU, both brands from Germany.

mtu genset