About Us

Company Profile

BMI being dynamic and innovative, provides total solutions to various heavy construction and mining companies, offering superior quality equipment and special product support services. This ensures high utilization rates resulting in higher productivity at the lowest possible cost.

Boommate comprehensive crane range are designed to meet your needs, making us the most reliable choice in all your equipment essentials. From Comansa product line of cranes, to allied products for material handling, placing and lifting. We have the best distribution and product support system in the industry to ensure your uninterrupted productivity and success. The plus add-value is our long experience together with other talents coming from overseas proficiency who migrated to our team to create an unbeatable organization.

Our Commitment

BMI customers come first and foremost in our corporate hierarchy of values. They are an integral part of our ecosystem, as it were, and we put a lot of effort in creating  long-lasting partnership with them. Working with them helps us to identify their needs and provide solutions resulting in their business success.

BMI continuously conducts research and development to deliver innovative and effective solutions to our customers' needs. BMI carefully handpicked our partners to provide our customers with the vest performance equipment with the highest standards of safety. BMI has established  an alliance network in Asia and Europe to source quality pre-owned dealer-certified equipment and machinery to give good value-for-money to our customers.



To be  the industry leader and be the preferred heavy construction machinery provider in the industry with the best customer after-sales service for ultimate customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

BOOMMATE Incorporated is committed to :

BMI works in partnership with various industry leaders to continuously innovate and find many creative ways to improve its manufacturing process and customer services.

BMI aids its customers with the right methodology and the right tools at the right time.

     Transforming Better to BEST